KITZ offers a complete package of industrial ball valves including soft seated flanged/threaded/socket-weld, full and single reduced bore floating ball valve, in both carbon steel and high alloy stainless steel. Also included are high performance full bore metal and graphite seated valves along with specialty multi-port and Lamda port control valves for your most difficult services.

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Originating as a producer of general purpose valves, KITZ has grown and evolved over the years to stay ahead of advancing customer needs. We supply a broad line of fluid control devices extending from single valves to complex unit systems.

A member of the KITZ family since 2009, PERRIN specializes in the design and production of specialty ball valves for highly severe, high pressure and high temperature applications.

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KITZ corporation has developed a unique copper-alloy line of valves for water systems that is globaly patented, CDS registered and meets the most rigourous criteria for lead free valves.

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Our REVIT 3D modeling enables our clients to take in every angle and dimension of our products straight on our website without the need to view the physical piece .

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