Product Technology

Originating as a producer of general purpose valves, KITZ has grown and evolved over the years to stay ahead of advancing customer needs. Today, we supply a broad line of fluid control devices extending from hand operated valves to automated models, and from single valves to complex unit systems.

We perform extensive R&D activities using sophisticated testing and analysis equipment. This dedication to research underpins our ability to consistently create innovative products with outstanding quality and environmental compatibility.

Fundamental Concept

The activities of KITZ R&D facilities are guided by the fundamental concept of “supplying products in a timely manner that are extremely reliable, economical and meet customers’ demands for quality.”

R&D concept

  • Core technologies
  • Accumulate exclusive technologies that are superior to others and can achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Solutions
  • Be a source of technology-based ideas that can solve customers’ problems.

  • Speed
  • Stay ahead of the competition by quickly performing research and product development activities.

Superior Reliability Backed by KITZ’s Own Testing and Analytic Skills

One of the world’s leading valve manufacturers, KITZ Group produces more than 90,000 types of valves for a broad range of applications. All our valves boast outstanding reliability and quality due in large part to testing and analytic technologies that are the most advanced in the industry.

Our testing and analysis equipment allows us to study valves and materials under conditions that are exactly the same as in the locations where they will be used by customers. We perform these tests repeatedly. Only the valves that meet our stringent standards for dependability are included in the KITZ product lineup.

KITZ is constantly working on new ideas for products and materials by retaining this commitment to both basic and applied research.

Fire-Safe Test

This test is to verify that, after resilient sealing components of a ball valve have been deteriorated by a simulated plant fire, external leakage of the line fluid is minimized by metal-to-metal interface contact of valve component parts, and eliminates concern about increased magnitude of the fire.

3D CAD System

By using 3D CAD technology, engineers can check the shape of parts and products, and even confirm that they can be assembled with precision, before these items are actually made. This speeds the development process and cuts costs.


This globally patented lead-free copper alloy employs bismuth and selenium instead of lead. This has met the world’s most rigorous criterion of a maximum of 0.01mg/liter of lead percolation into drinking water, which came into force in Japan in April 2003.

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