Quality Management

An exclusive production system, extending from order receipt through development, manufacture and delivery, eliminates waste, cuts costs and speeds deliveries.

Further backing up the reliability of KITZ products are exacting testing standards and a rigorous quality management program.

Using KICS to Manufacture Products Based on a Market-Driven Concept

KITZ is using an innovative technique called KICS in response to today’s rapid changes in market trends and product prices. KICS makes it possible to minimize in-process inventories and reduce the stock of finished products. This allows KITZ to adapt with greater speed and flexibility to diversifying customer needs and short product life cycles. KICS, which stands for KITZ Innovative and Challenging System, covers every stage from order receiving through designing, manufacturing and delivering of products. This revolutionary management system eliminates stagnation and waste wherever possible.

KICS has two fundamental elements. The first is making one item at one time during each production step, to ensure that only quality items reach the next step. The second is achieving a dramatic reduction in the time required from order receipt to shipment.

Applying KICS makes it possible to embody the concept of KITZ’s market-oriented policy. Ultimately, KITZ can supply what customers need when they are needed in the necessary quantity. In addition, KICS ensures that customers receive even better quality products at a lower cost.

The KITZ Brand Is Backed by Rigorous Quality Management Standards

KITZ recognized the importance of standards for quality management systems many years ago. In November 1989, KITZ became the first Japanese company to earn ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system.

Currently, all production bases in the KITZ Group have this certification. In Japan, the head office and plants in Nagasaka and Ina have retained their ISO 9001 certification while advancing to ISO 9001:2008 certification. Furthermore, in July 2001, KITZ became the first Japanese valve manufacturer to receive certification for CE marking required for European markets under Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED). KITZ plants in Taiwan, Thailand and China subsequently received this certification as well.

ISO 9001 is not the only quality certification at KITZ. In Japan, KITZ has been designated by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as an authorized tester under the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, supplies JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) certified products, and complies with standards of the Japan Water Works Association. KITZ is also certified to use the API Monogram of the American Petroleum Institute.


KICS is an exclusive comprehensive management system to oversee product development, manufacturing and sales activities driven by the KITZ spirit of innovation and taking on new challenges.

ISO 9000 Series Certification

The ISO 9000 series is an international standard for quality management systems. KITZ Corporation has earned this certification at all its factories in Japan and other countries.

Overseas Manufacturing Bases

KITZ (Thailand) Ltd. is the largest KITZ production facility outside Japan. In recent years, output capacity has been raised to reinforce its position as a key member of the global manufacturing network.

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